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 How To Make a Fan Newspaper

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PostSubject: How To Make a Fan Newspaper   How To Make a Fan Newspaper Icon_minitimeMon Apr 27, 2009 5:12 am

Iamyellow created this post.
Some improvements so far/are working on:
*Improved grammar and spelling
*Removed outdated information and
Still to be done:
*More layouts, giving you much more option, larger paper ones and now you will find a magazine layout if you prefer.
*More information added

How I recently quit making my paper “iamyellow’s news” and I saw there were some penguins out there wanting to make fan papers to! So I thought I might give you my tips of what I learned when making a paper for almost a year. Also for penguins who already have started making a paper these tips could be handy if you want to improve you paper.

But yellow, why make a paper?

Well it is fun to do a project when you have free time on your hands, trust me, you’ll have so much fun making a paper! Also if you are one of those penguins who wants to be a FP than this is a job for you! Just look at joeypeng he if covered in fame just like I used to be in the old days…anyway let’s get back to it. Try reading this guide and make a fan paper of your own; what do you have to lose if you do not like making papers after issue one just quit there and then, you’ll have so much fun this is what it is all about

Guide on how to make a fan paper! Version 1.1

1. Before you start making your paper.
You need to try and think what you would like to write about like what theme you want your paper to have, e.g. rumors, gossip, updates in Club Penguin, ect: though please note it has been proven that people want to read about stuff which has not happened on club penguin because they can just read that in The Penguin Times, they want some gossip also make sure it is humorous and light hearted.

Then you want to think about if you have lots of time or not that much time in real life, so than if you do have lots of time you can do a weekly paper and if you don’t a monthly paper or even a yearly paper! And if you have not that much time but you really want to do a weekly paper make a group getting people to help you and get the load of your hands.

Think about a name for you paper. Ones which are catchy or make sense to the theme of paper you are doing, make it original like The Truth don’t try and make ones like” The Tooth” or “The lie” no one likes a copier.

2. Thinking about issue one.[/U][/B]
Now you’ve got the theme and the name you need to think what else you want in it, e.g. jokes, riddles, poems maybe even an agony aunt.
Before even starting the template, make a “spider diagram” on a piece of paper of what is going to be in issue one, this always helped me and I think it will work for you.
Think about where you want all the stuff in your paper, if your paper theme is a updates of CP than the newest updates you want to be at the very front and the Jokes and other fun stuff you want close to the back

Now if you want advertisements in your papers make a thread asking for people to post there ads and tell them that they will be copied and pasted into your paper. This is good idea because it means the person who gave you the ad will want to see your paper to see there ad.

4. Templates.
Now this is a very important bit because if you have a messy template like this:
How To Make a Fan Newspaper Rubbishrd7

Then your paper will look un-neat and trashy you want a template like this:
How To Make a Fan Newspaper Frontpagevc0

So to help you out I will give you the templates I used this is of the front cover AND the pages!

Here they are:

5. Starting on your paper

Now when you want to start on your paper start from the front page and work your way to the back page DON’T start from the back and work your way to the front because it then gets messed up.
So I would recommend using MS Paint or the equivalent to it on Macs due to how easy it is to use, using something like GIMP or Photo Shop will not work well because there are too many things there. If you want to your paper like The Truth how they have a pictures fading underneath the text than use MS PowerPoint. You might think this would never work because MSPP is not for edits, but it does work for angling the text to make it like The Penguin Times and the fading, but I wont go into to much detail if you want to find more about this than ask Daveyp who is the template designer for The Truth his email is:

6. Lay out
Make sure you have a good logo, if you need help for this go into an sig or avvy shop and ask if they can make you a logo saying “(what ever you name of paper is)” with the type of style and any other information. Put the logo at the very top of the page, and then put the number of the issue with the date/month/year! Below it. Below that maybe put a line and under that line is where you start your paper. Here is a picture of a layout you could copy for your paper:
7. Pictures
How make sure you have good pictures, you can copy pictures from The Penguin Times, or CP’s website they have a lot of cool pictures there. Make sure they are neat, when cropping the picture make sure you cut of any bits, try and make the background of the picture the same as the color (colour) of the paper background.

Now for the text for the paper only use one font. This is because if you have loads of different fonts, than it will look messy, also try to keep the color (colour) the same on some articles I would say you should use black but if you want a more funky cheerful looking paper go with different colours (colors). If you’re using two colors (colours) for one article make sure they go together, if they don’t the paper will look tacky.
I would recommend size 20 for heading of articles and size 12 for the main text
Also the font “Times New Roman” or “Arial Narrow” work well for it.

Make sure your writing if perfect, so try not to get any little type-o’s or spelling mistakes.
If you have a problem with spelling or your just not good at it use MS word, if you make a mistake it will show you it with a red line under it. then just copy and paste it into the paper.

10.Once your finished your issue

Put a link to it in your sig so people will know about it, and when your done just sit back keep refreshing your page and watch the comments come in! Please note if you get bad comments, don’t be offended use these to make your next issue even better!

So that’s all my little tips! I still have a few more to share though, but all in good time! I hope I in flounced you to make a paper of your own, and remember making papers is all for fun and nothing but fun!
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How To Make a Fan Newspaper
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